Listed Real Assets

Listed Real Estate Solutions

Our strategies offer the advantages of competitive total returns, consistent dividend income and portfolio diversification, as well as increased liquidity, transparency and flexibility via the public markets.

U.S. Listed Real Estate 

Our flagship real estate offering which maintains the longest institutional track record in the industry.  The strategy offers clients diversified exposure to U.S. commercial real estate sectors and managed with the goal of delivering consistent relative outperformance.

Strategy Inception: 1984

Global Listed Real Estate 

Providing clients with the broadest and most diversified exposure to the world’s real estate markets we place an emphasis companies which generate most of their revenue from commercial real estate activities. Client portfolios are managed relative to a range of industry benchmarks, each actively managed seeking consistent relative outperformance.  

Strategy Inception: 2001

Australian Listed Real Estate

Our most concentrated real estate strategy offering exposure to a select number of commercial real estate companies listed on the Australian stock exchange.  The strategy’s high-conviction style seeks consistent relative outperformance.

Strategy Inception:  2009 

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