Investment Approach

We bring together insights-driven perspectives, a rigorous investment and risk-mitigation process and investor-operator capabilities to execute on all aspects of an investment's lifecycle and drive better outcomes.


Realize new life in your investment's lifecycle.

Our experienced teams—whose interests are aligned with both investors and occupiers—employ a consistent and rigorous insights-based investment and risk-mitigation process. We aim to align investor goals with occupier needs and believe that helping our investors understand the changing needs of end users will create superior long-term performance.

Our affiliation with CBRE enhances our offering as an investor and operator of real assets. This, coupled with our flexibility to work with other leading service providers, means we can deliver on all aspects of an investment's lifecycle. We believe this enhances value for both investors and occupiers.

Our disciplined investment process follows the lifecycle of an investment to drive performance.

Explore Sector Expertise

  • Investor-Operator Culture

    We strive to ensure our investments help users and occupiers thrive. We work hard to create data-driven ways for our investment teams to see assets from the perspective of a user or occupier. This ensures we make investment decisions based on an asset’s full lifecycle.

  • Transaction Management

    We source and see numerous investment opportunities—$300B annually—and underwrite the most compelling ones. We consistently uncover on- and off-market transactions, creating a robust pipeline that helps us deliver performance.

  • Asset Management

    Active, sector-specialized asset management drives performance. Our teams are fully engaged in the buy/manage and hold/sell process. Along an investment’s life cycle, we seek to add value when and where it matters most.

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