Portfolio Construction

We design real assets solutions tailored to investors' objectives and preferences across strategies, sectors, geographies and risk profiles.

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Determining the ‘right’ real assets allocation? We can help. Through our insights and intelligence platform and multi-dimensional perspectives across real assets, we design long-term strategic portfolios and execute on near-term allocation decisions.

A New Point of View

Bernie McNamara Global Head of Investor Solutions

As real assets allocations of 25% or more become commonplace in investor portfolios, we believe we are well-positioned to deliver on the need for more holistic portfolio construction informed by investor objectives and data-driven analysis.
Bernie McNamara

Meet Bernie McNamara

Bernie McNamara

Building an Objective-Driven Real Assets Portfolio

  • Understand Real Assets Allocation Objectives

    We collaborate to determine your objectives and preferences for return, diversification, inflation protection, downside resilience, liquidity and other considerations.

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  • Model & Refine Portfolio Options

    We model various portfolio options, leveraging a proprietary set of historical returns and forward-looking projections across more than 300+ real assets market-sector combinations.

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  • Implement & Manage

    We can implement and manage complete solutions across real assets categories and geographies, or completion portfolios to complement your existing exposures.

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