Our Story & Values

We deliver sustainable real assets solutions so our clients, people and communities thrive.

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As a leading real assets investment management firm, we strive to realize potential in investments and people in innovative ways, every day. We do so by creating the sustainable investment solutions of tomorrow so our clients, people and communities thrive.

Our focus on delivering results is driven by our values, entrepreneurial spirit and our clients’ diverse needs. Together, our team specializes in holistic real assets solutions within and across five real assets investment categories, with a distinct approach to driving performance and long-term value.

Multi-Dimensional Approach

Investor-Operator Capabilities

Our unique ability to see investment management through the eyes of real estate and infrastructure investors and users means we have the expertise to deliver on all aspects of an investment’s lifecycle. Our capability and flexibility to work with leading service providers means we understand everything from designing portfolio strategies, investing capital and operating assets (build, lease, manage, repurpose) to optimizing the occupier experience and ultimately disposing of assets to realize returns. This end-to-end integration allows us to align clients’ investment objectives with users’ needs and preferences, across portfolios and sector specialties. 

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Information Advantage

From forecasting the markets to designing portfolios to making buy or sell decisions, we thrive in complex and ever-changing environments. We benefit from multiple perspectives, harnessing on-the-ground intelligence and proprietary technology--from the platform and the broader CBRE organization--and turn this extensive data into insights that drive performance.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability—which includes ESG and DE&I principles and making intelligent investments that stand the test of time—is fundamental to our business. The overall impacts that our decisions have on people and the environment is a key factor in our decisions. 

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Our relationship with clients goes far beyond any single investment idea. We see the world through many dimensions—with multiple perspectives capturing insights across real assets categories, sectors, geographies, risk profiles and implementation formats. We see more, so our clients can achieve more.

Learn About Our History

Formed in 1972, we are proud of our rich history.

Our firm is built on key values that serve as our foundation and guiding principles for how we conduct ourselves in the business world and make day-to-day decisions.

Our Guiding Values

  • Respect

    We treat everyone with dignity, value their contributions, help one another succeed.

  • Integrity

    We uphold the highest standards in our business practices.

  • Service

    We dedicate ourselves to making a meaningful impact with our clients and in our communities.

  • Excellence

    We aspire to be the best in everything we do and strive for continuous improvement.

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