Sustainability Disclaimer

It should not be assumed that any sustainability principles, initiatives, standards, or metrics described on this site will apply to each investment strategy or asset in which CBRE Investment Management invests or that they have applied to each of CBRE Investment Management's prior investments. Sustainability is only one of many considerations that CBRE Investment Management takes into account when making investment decisions and managing assets, and other considerations can be expected in certain circumstances to outweigh sustainability considerations. The information provided on this site is intended solely to provide an indication of the sustainability principles, initiatives and standards that CBRE Investment Management applies when seeking to evaluate and/or improve the sustainability characteristics of an asset as part of the larger goal of maximizing financial returns on investments. Accordingly, certain investments and strategies may exhibit characteristics that are inconsistent with the principles, initiatives, standards, or metrics described on this site. For more information on how CBRE Investment Management defines and approaches sustainability, including certain considerations and limitations with its approach, please see the Sustainability Vision and the ESG Policy.