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Dutch Core

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Our Dutch core platform provides access to institutional-grade, sector-specific real estate strategies for Dutch clients including corporate and public authority pension funds and insurance companies.
Dutch Office
Our Dutch office platform, which has a core investment strategy focusing on prime well-located assets in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht, capitalizes on continued economic growth, utilizes a cycle-aware investment style and focuses on value creation through active management and core+ investment strategies, resulting in sustainable and consistent outperformance. We focus on high-quality office assets with many amenities in well-known locations with good accessibility by car and public transportation. The platform only invests in these “hot-spots” with upside return angle through active asset management, such as leasing vacancy, re-branding, refurbishing or (re)developing.
Dutch Retail
Clients in our Dutch retail platform benefit from a high-quality retail portfolio of high street shops and shopping centers in prime locations in the most dominant cities in the Netherlands, with a special focus on Amsterdam. 

We adopt a cycle-aware investment style that emphasizes risk mitigation, capital preservation and value creation. We also leverage our company’s deep international retail platform, resulting in economies of scale and a proven execution track record.

In the mature Dutch retail market, municipalities focus on promoting vibrant city centers through strict zoning regulations. Our controlling position in several city centers and active stakeholder approach give a clear competitive advantage, and we believe our investments will prove more resilient to changes in consumer spending patterns and subsequent changes in the retail landscape.
Dutch Logistics
Our Dutch logistics platform offers clients access to a high-quality diversified portfolio in prime locations in the Netherlands. 

We focus on logistics hotspots in the Netherlands that provide multi-modal access and have a long-term relevance for the logistics sector, combined with state-of-the-art facilities that enable a variety of activities.

The platform capitalizes on continued economic growth in the Netherlands, adopting a cycle-aware investment style that focuses on both income-producing and value-add opportunities to result in a sustainable, consistent and above-average long-term performance. 

Sustainability is an important focus, and all new acquisitions and developments must reach a BREEAM “very good” minimum ranking.
Dutch Residential
Our Dutch residential program is the leader in the Dutch market. Our strategy is to deliver above-average long-term returns through investing in high-quality assets in prime locations and an outstanding risk-return profile. 

We focus on the resilient mid-price rental sector, investing, managing and selling contemporary assets which benefit from demographic trends and lighter government regulation. This includes small households with both singles and couples in urban areas which have the strongest growth prospects.

We aim for our Dutch residential platform to be the leading provider of sustainable residential products in our peer group, and the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) has awarded it multiple times.

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