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RARE: Risk-Adjusted Real Estate Framework

Proprietary tool evaluates attractiveness of real estate markets by comparing forecasted returns against risk-based required returns.


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Insight is critical to managing change, particularly in the fast-paced real assets investment landscape. Our proprietary RARE (Risk-Adjusted Real Estate) framework gives clients and investors a clear advantage. RARE is explicitly powered by our own research and investment capabilities, which means we can quickly quantify and optimize potential.
Tracking 350 Market & Sector Combinations
RARE’s robust analytics span 345 market and sector combinations worldwide—including logistics, office, residential, retail and niche sectors. RARE is based on both research and first-hand investment manager insight which together provides a full-market perspective. Feeding into preferred strategies and model portfolios, RARE is an intrinsic part of our overall house view.

RARE analyzes return forecasts and risk-based returns in the short- to medium-term to balance the two. In essence, required returns are not considered as a direct measure of risk, but a means of compensating real estate investors for real estate risk, and the anticipated risk-free rate and inflation.

Consistent Views Across Asset Types Around The World
The result is a consistent view across asset types within established and emerging markets around the world. From shopping centers in Seoul to offices in Oakland, logistics in Lisbon and residential in Rotterdam, the team painstakingly works to finetune RARE with nothing left unturned as we analyse opportunity.

RARE has shaped many of our outperforming investment strategies and kept clients ahead in their focus markets. From portfolio construction to the strategic evaluation of existing portfolios, RARE is integral to our strategies and timely investor decisions to buy or sell at an asset level.

Helps Clients Stay Ahead
While RARE provides mostly tactical insights, it truly comes into its own when combined with our Winning C.I.T.I.E.S. analysis. This determines which cities look attractive in the long term, by considering individual cities based on a screening of long-run structural drivers. Add RARE’s tactical investment insight which spans a standard five-year horizon, and you have a powerful perspective that makes the difference in a fast-moving market.

Learn About Winning C.I.T.I.E.S.

"Winning C.I.T.I.E.S. drills into leading cities’ structural attributes, using indicators to quantify past performance and potential.”