CBRE Global Investors’ UK Affordable Housing Fund Deploys 90% of Initial Equity in Social Impact Investments with Further Investors Commitment to the Fund

26 May 2021


Corporate Communications Director

Helen Stott

Corporate Communications Director

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CBRE Global Investors raises a further £120m equity for its UK Affordable Housing Fund (AHF) having deployed the majority of the £250m of initial capital raised in 2019, significantly ahead of its commitment period. 

CBRE UK Affordable Housing Fund was one of the first, and now more established, UK unlisted funds targeting institutional client capital into affordable housing across the UK. It has spearheaded the need for institutional capital to fulfil the funding shortfall of investment to build, refurbish and maintain good quality affordable housing stock where it’s needed most, while delivering attractive returns* for its investors. With its latest capital raise for the open-ended fund, there is scope to deliver over 2,000 homes as projects are completed and occupied. 

One important aspect of AHF is its development of a proprietary social impact framework, which was created with support from the Good Economy. The framework measures the impact the investments are likely to deliver for society, something which institutional investors increasingly want to see from their investment strategies. With an income generating portfolio, social impact can be measured, monitored and reported much like return performance. Investors in this impact strategy include international and UK corporate and public pension funds and insurance companies. A number of UK LGPS investors, such as Hampshire County Council Pension Fund, Rhondda Cynon Taf Pension Fund, Wiltshire Pension Fund, Surrey County Council Pension Scheme, Bedfordshire Pension Fund and Royal Borough of Greenwich Pension Fund, were early in the process to support the investment proposition.

To date AHF has made 12 investments across the UK and is currently in advanced due diligence for a further five investments. Recent transactions include the forward funding of 245-home Abbey Place scheme, South East London bringing forward affordable homes in a major regeneration area, the acquisition of the affordable element of 50 homes at a development in Slough Town Centre and the forward funding of a scheme of 121 shared-ownership and affordable-rented homes in Fugglestone Red, Salisbury.

These latest transactions continue the open-ended fund’s strategy of investing in high-quality affordable rental, PRS, shared-ownership, keyworker and temporary accommodation schemes, working together with housing associations to harness their expertise and experience to manage the properties. The fund’s portfolio includes schemes with registered providers such as VIVID, Oak Housing and Pinnacle Group.

Fund Manager for AHF, DJ Dhananjai commented: “We have been able to support communities across the UK by working with local authorities and registered providers to fund the provision of over 1,000 much-needed affordable homes with the potential to house over 2,500 people. By working collaboratively with operators in the sector, we have succeeded in increasing housing development and delivery pipelines, while enhancing services offered to occupiers. We continue to seek out opportunities as we look to deploy the next £120 million of commitments into this sector, which increasingly appeals to our clients as their sustainability and social goals are achieved in a demonstrable and transparent way.”

“The fund combines attractive return* characteristics for investors seeking stable returns over the very long-term and a consistent income profile along with a social conscience,” added Alice Wilcox, Head of LGPS Partnerships, CBRE Global Investors.

* Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future returns

About CBRE UK Affordable Housing Fund

The CBRE UK Affordable Housing Fund is an unlisted open-ended core fund designed to invest in affordable housing assets across the United Kingdom. The Fund provides investors exposure to an emerging investment asset class providing diversification and distributing stable income. The Fund launched in December 2018, with circa £250m of seed capital from 13 institutional investors. The Fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in a high social impact sector with strong ESG credentials.

About CBRE Global Investors

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