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2023 Macro Outlook

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Long-term structural challenges continue to weigh on the global economy.

Key Highlights:
  • Headline inflation and bond yields fell worldwide, while peak interest rate expectations softened. 
  • We no longer forecast a synchronized global recession.
  • Our recession forecast for the U.S. is downgraded to a technical recession starting in Q4 2023.
  • In Europe, we forecast a modest winter recession followed by a recovery in summer 2023.
  • China’s faster-than-expected reopening will boost global commodity demand and reignite energy inflation in H2 and may help the U.S. avoid recession entirely.
  • In Japan, we expect modestly higher bond yields and inflation to ignite a long-awaited recovery for the deflation-mired economy.
  • We have downgraded our expectations for further rate hikes but do not expect any central bank interest rate cuts until early 2024.

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2023 Macro Outlook

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