Future-proofing Real Assets Investments

Real assets often provide a “safe harbor” during periods of economic uncertainty. As downturn fears loom we look at methods of further futureproofing real asset portfolios and look at the types of investments, like residential, that tend to perform well during cyclical changes. This look at futureproofing covers both real estate and infrastructure with a particular focus on the aspects we believe make for long-term successful outcomes regardless of market conditions.

At the Mid-Mark: Infrastructure Steadfast for Investors
All through 2022, infrastructure has proven a steadfast companion for investors. Infrastructure has also proven essential for society, with a leading role in energy security and supply spotlighted by the impact of the war in Europe. CBRE IM provides an outlook for the listed infrastructure asset class, highlight the ability of listed infrastructure to upgrade risk-adjusted returns, and showcase compelling valuations relative to other assets and to the private infrastructure market.
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A Tactical Opportunity for a Strategic Allocation: REITs on sale for investors
As we exit the second quarter of 2022, the listed real estate market presents an unappreciated opportunity for investors. REITs are down in line with broad markets despite superior trends in fundamentals, with long-term characteristics that are well-suited for today’s outlook.
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The case for U.S. and European residential real estate
In light of the muted economic outlook, we expect investor demand for for-rental residential real estate to expand in the coming years. With strong fundamentals and compelling investment characteristics, it offers attractive diversification benefits to investors looking to position their portfolios for long-term resilience.
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Private Infrastructure 2.0 and the S Factor
Global infrastructure, and in particular modern sustainable Infrastructure 2.0, has a track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors and plays a critical role in tackling climate change. The asset class not only provides investors with an opportunity to capture stable, predictable and inflation-protected returns over the long term, but also the chance to invest in social change.
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Unearthing Opportunities in Rapidly Changing U.S. and European Logistics Markets
A replay of our webinar on U.S. and European logistics hosted by senior leaders from CBRE Investment Management. The experts include investment and operational leaders specialized in the logistics asset class, as well as our heads of research for the Americas and EMEA.
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The Case for Global: Opening up the Global Real Estate Opportunity for All
Going global enhances the benefits real estate offers, but this is easier said than done. Citing the low correlations, increased diversification and return uplifts that are generated by going global is one thing. Capturing these for investors who do not have the resources to invest in direct non-domestic real estate is another. Global Indirect, a catch-all term that covers a diverse range of investment vehicles from joint ventures to funds, provides the answer.
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Disclaimer: Any investment involves the risk of loss. There can be no assurance that the strategies discussed herein will ultimately be successful.