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The case for U.S. and European residential real estate

August 30, 2022 25 Minute Read Time


In light of the muted economic outlook, we expect investor demand for for-rental residential real estate to expand in the coming years. With strong fundamentals and compelling investment characteristics, it offers attractive diversification benefits to investors looking to position their portfolios for long-term resilience. Key sub-sectors of residential real estate may also be set to benefit from the mega-trends reshaping our societies, presenting exceptional opportunities to investors with the experience and capabilities needed to access them. But successful residential real estate investment relies on detailed analysis of the underlying drivers of growth for individual assets. And because these can vary significantly by market, location and sub-sector, deep understanding of the idiosyncrasies across markets is essential. Assets also need to be managed carefully throughout their lifecycle to ensure they comply with evolving regulations, adapt to changing tenant expectations and remain attractive to new tenants.

This paper will demonstrate the following topics: 

  • Navigating an increasingly uncertain economic environment
  • Strong fundamentals attract interest in for-rent residential housing
  • Compelling investment characteristics
  • Key themes driving resilience
  • Sub-sectors of strong opportunity

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