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Staying the course with Core Real Estate

June 12, 2023

Why Core Real Estate

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Core real estate can offer investors strong current income, portfolio diversification and protection against inflation and cyclical change. Logistics, in particular, is an attractive investment opportunity. With the rapid growth of e-commerce today, there is strong unmet demand for modern logistics assets to support the distribution of goods. This sector has shown strong performance even during economic downturns, making it an attractive option for investors seeking downside protection. 

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  • The Case for U.S. Core Real Estate
  • Private and Listed Real Estate: An Allocation to Active Management
  • The resiliency of U.S. self storage and return to new normal
  • Future of Office (Coming Soon)
  • Market Dislocation (Coming Soon)


  • Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS): The critical piece to the logistics puzzle
  • Urban logistics: Lessons from Amsterdam
  • How logistics facilities can accelerate decarbonization
  • Industrial is Obsolete – the Future of Logistics
  • Logistics: What we can learn from office (Coming Soon)