Investment Perspectives

Private Infrastructure 2.0 and the S Factor

August 30, 2022 25 Minute Read Time


Global infrastructure, and in particular modern sustainable Infrastructure 2.0, has a track record of delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors and plays a critical role in tackling climate change. 

Less trumpeted, but no less important, is the role global infrastructure plays in driving positive social change – roads connecting poor neighborhoods with areas offering ample employment opportunities; broadband enabling access to online learning. The asset class not only provides investors with an opportunity to capture stable, predictable and inflation-protected returns over the long term, but also the chance to invest in social change.

In this perspective on Infrastructure we examine the following - 

  • What makes infrastructure an asset?
  • Infrastructure assets are rapidly changing and being digitalized 
  • Global case studies on how infrastructure drives environmental and social impact
  • Water infrastructure and social change 
  • Correlations between infrastructure and ESG

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