Real Assets Reality

A Mainstay in Portfolios: Chuck Leitner

April 4, 2022 2 Minute Read Time


We are delighted to share our latest insights on the real assets investment landscape with you.

Our rebrand to CBRE Investment Management last year cemented our commitment to the evolution of the real assets investment landscape and has better positioned CBRE to participate as a leader in the transformation of this significant asset class on a global scale.

Over recent years, real assets have performed well in changing market conditions, in ways that have supported the goals and objectives of our clients. Such attributes as a steady income, lower volatility and inflation protection have resulted in a separation from the ‘alternative asset’ moniker to become a separate and distinct mainstay in today’s portfolio strategies.

While the outlook is promising, we have a responsibility to our investors, clients and user-customers to stay ahead of this trend. We firmly believe that innovative and sustainable real assets investment strategies will generate attractive solutions and outcomes for our stakeholders and are committed to delivering on that opportunity.

The insights that will follow over the coming weeks aim to explore every corner of the real assets landscape in and beyond the context of our own thinking. The culmination of months of discussion, analysis and deliberation, the articles will paint a comprehensive picture of this evolving asset sector and the drivers that are shaping it.

I hope you enjoy reading about the evolving reality of real assets.

Chuck Leitner
Chief Executive Officer, CBRE Investment Management

The Real Assets Reality