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The Case for Global : Opening up the Global Real Estate Opportunity for All

October 6, 2022

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Going global enhances the benefits real estate offers, but this is easier said than done. Citing the low correlations, increased diversification and return uplifts that are generated by going global is one thing.  Capturing these for investors who do not have the resources to invest in direct non-domestic real estate is another.  The same is true for those multi-billion funds who may have the resources but not the global scale or reach.

Global Indirect, a catch-all term that covers a diverse range of investment vehicles from joint ventures to funds, provides the answer. Despite their differences, these solutions involve teaming up with operating partners to identify assets, execute transactions and manage properties. Partnering with specialists enables investors to participate in the global real estate story.   

Presented by:

  • Achal Gandhi : CIO, Indirect Real Estate Strategies, Chair of the Global DE&I Council
  • Sabina Reeves : Chief Economist & Head of Insights & intelligence 
  • Steven Storrs : Head of Portfolio Management, Indirect Private Real Estate 
  • Elisabeth Troni : Fund Manager, Indirect Real Estate Strategies
  • Nick Colley : Global Portfolio Strategist 

Moderated by: Alice Wilcox : Managing Director, Client Solutions