Investment Perspectives

At the Mid-Mark: Infrastructure Steadfast for Investors

August 1, 2022 5 Minute Read Time

Aerial photo of a semi-trailer truck on an open road

All through 2022, infrastructure has proven a steadfast companion for investors. Infrastructure has also proven essential for society, with a leading role in energy security and supply spotlighted by the impact of the war in Europe. 

Within, CBRE IM provides an outlook for the listed infrastructure asset class, highlight the ability of listed infrastructure to upgrade risk-adjusted returns, and showcase compelling valuations relative to other assets and to the private infrastructure market. 

Download our perspective on infrastructure which examines - 

  • How infrastructure is holding the line for investors 
  • Is an essential enhancement for traditional portfolios 
  • How infrastructure offers the ties that bind economies together
  • Is a premium asset class on sale

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